Scottish Whisky


We are incredibly proud of our extensive whisky range. The collection has been hand selected by us from some of the finest distilleries across Scotland. Our closest distilleries Auchentoshan, Deanston and Glengoyne are featured.

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Balblair 15yo £11

Elegant, delicate and floral with a citrus finish.

Dalmore 12yo £6.25

Classic Highland sweet red fruit notes with an oaty flavour throughout.

Dalmore 15yo £6.25

Twelve years maturing in American white oak ex-bourbon cakes, then a three year finish in three different sherry woods. A robust, yet elegant spirit.

Dalwhinnie 15yo £5.25

Awarded 95 points in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. Clean and crisp with heather notes.

Deanston 12yo £4.75

Fresh citrus and Seville orange combine with toasty vanilla oak characters.

Deanston 15yo Organic £8.50

Distilled using 100% Organic barley, this shows sweet oak and honeyed spice.

Deanston 18yo £8.25

Oodles of rich honey, luxurious vanilla, sugary shortbread and a touch of ginger.

Fettercairn 12yo £6.25

Tropical Fruit notes with sweet ginger and spice.

Glencadam 13yo £6.75

Juicy pear and grapefruit with some peppery notes.

Glendronach 12yo £6.75

Aged in PX and Oloroso casks, this is intensely rich, fruity and powerful

Glendronach 18yo £5.75

Aged in Oloroso sherry casks providing rich, nutty and sweet characters.

Glendronach 21yo £18.50

Aged in Oloroso and PX casks, this is rich, dense and sweet.

Glengoyne 10yo £3.75

Light, fruity, green apples and citrusy, from our local distiller.

Glengoyne 12yo £4.25

Lemony, toffee and vanilla finishing with shortbread notes.

Glengoyne 18yo £8.75

Spicy vanilla, apple pie, marmalade and winter spices.

Glengoyne 21yo £12.25

Red apples, sultanas, hazelnuts, dried fruits and sherry cask flavours.

Glengoyne 25yo £25.25

Dark chocolate and red fruit notes give way to sweet vanilla and toasted oak.

Glenmorangie 10yo original £3.75

Mandarin, lemon, apple, pear and peach.

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban £7.00

Matured in port casks, this is a richer, more robust Glenmorangie.

Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or £9.00

Matured in Sauternes casks, with loads of sweet citrus notes.

Loch Lomond Original £3.75

Hints of toasted granary bread with cereal notes, barley sweetness.

Oban 14yo £7

Gentle estery sweetness. The palate is thick and full. The smoke wafts with notes of seaweed. The oak is quite rich with malty fruit and dry oak.

Old Pulteney 12yo £4.25

The casks have taken time to absorb the Northern Scottish sea breeze and as a result Old Pulteney is often referred to as ‘The Manzanilla of the North’.

Old Pulteney 15yo £10.50

Rich, Dried fruit, ripe apples and a touch of citrus, with a spicy, richer toffee sweetness all complemented by the classic Pulteney coastal sea air.

Tomatin Legacy £4.00

Light, delicate and sweet with hints of pepper and pine.


anCnoc 12yo £5.25

Elegant, fresh and complex with lasting character.

Balvenie Double Wood 12yo £4.75

Soft honey and orchard fruit flavours from this family owned distillery.

Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14yo £6.25

Caribbean rum casks impart flavours of apples, mangoes and a hint of orange.

Balvenie Peat Week £7.25

Subtile, soft smoke with vanilla, honey and a hint of lemon.


Cragganmore 12yo £4.5

A strong malty taste with hints of sweet wood, smoke and sandalwood.

Craigellachie 13yo £7

A world away from the dedicated Speyside style, this is full of fruit, fire and flavour.

Glendronach 18yo £8

Aged in Oloroso sherry casks, providing rich, nutty and sweet characters.

Glenfarclas 21yo £10

Superb - complex and smooth. A perfect balance of age and the lightness of Speyside.

Glenfarclas 25yo £15

Richer and fuller than the 21yo but still maintains the balance of power and after-dinning sipping softness.

Glenfiddich IPA Cask £8

Oily and smooth with floral touches, fruit and a hint of green leafiness.

Glenfiddich 12yo £4.50

The classic Speysider, light, soft and fruity.

Macallan Gold £5

Apple, raisins and honey sweetness with a nice oaky finish.

Singleton 12yo £4

Smooth, mellow, malty and nutty.

Speyburn Bradan Orcah £3.50

Easy-sipping, light and floral with tropical fruits character.

Tamadhu 10yo £4.50

Aged sole in sherry oak which provides delicious dried fruit flavours.


Ardbeg 10yo £5.25

An Islay icon - the perfect combination of power, peat and sherry cask influence

Ardbeg Uigeadail £10.25

Chocolate covered caramel and barley sugar with smoky leather, raisins and linseed oil.

Bruichladdich Islay Barley £6.25

The unpeated Islay, All the barley for this whisky comes from the island. Delicate, fruity and coastal flavours make for a perfect shellfish accompaniment.

Bruichladdich Scottish Barley £5.75

Using barley from Scotland , this has notes of sweet vanilla and cream with a saline finish.

Bunnahabhain 12yo £5.25

The unpeated Islay malt. Light, fresh and plenty of maritime notes with a sweet touch.

Bunnahabhain 18yo £9.25

Honeyed nuts, toffee and a salty tang, following through to a spice and sea spray finish.

Caol Ila 12yo £6.25

Oily, robust and peaty. Full of delicate, smoky goodness.

Kilchoman Machir Bay £5.25

Soft cooked fruits with strong, peaty aromas on the nose. Mixed fruits show on the palate, with hints of vanilla finishing with lots of sweet peat.

Lagavullin 16yo £6.75

Tea and pipe tobacco, fish boxes and kippers, but is always sweet. The palate shows more creosote, with hints of kelp and a little touch of iodine. Complex, plenty of peat.

Laphroaig 10yo £3.75

Huge smoke, medicinal seaweed and a hint of sweetness.

Morrison & MacKay Big Strand (Caol lla) £6.25

Delightfully coastal with hints of oily barley, vanilla and smoke.

Port Charlotte 10yo £5.75

Heavily seated. Thick and mouth coating. A real gem


Arran 10yo £4.50

Spicy grapefruit, maltness, more spice and a treacly sweet texture. A floral, spicy finish.

Arran Amarone Cask £8.25

Dry, earthy and complex with a fruity bite.

Highland Park 12yo £4.25

A great all-rounder with a warming, silky mouthfeel and a swathe of heather honey.

Jura 12yo £6.50

Crushed almonds, pineapple and fresh roasted coffee, borne of a mix of American white oak and sherry casks. Sip it slowly and you’ll also pick up citrus fruits and dark toffee.

Scapa Skiren £7.25

Creamy and sweet with notes of tropical fruit and heather.

Tobermory Leadig 10yo (peated) £7.25

Peat and iodine with notes of brine, kelp and a hint of sherry.

Talisker 10yo £4.75

Rich dried-fruit sweetness with clouds of smoke and strong barley-malt flavours. The warming, peppery finish is huge and long with an appetising sweetness.


Ailsa-Bay Malt £6.50

A single malt from Girva. Peaty kick payed with a beautiful sweetness. A meaty character too, crispy rashers with a hint of maple syrup.

Auchentoshan Three Wood £8.25

Blackcurrant, brown sugar, orange, plum and raisins with a lick of fruit syrup.

Douglas Laing ‘The Epicurean’ £4.25

The very first widely available blended Lowland malt - a combination of East and West coast Lowlanders.

Glenkinchie 12yo £4.50

Delicately light with notes of fresh grain, sugary barley, toasted nuts and stewed fruits.

kingsbarns Single Malt £4.75

Light and fruity with tropical fruits and a herbal lift


Glengyle Kilkerran 12yo £4.50

Initially fruity with citrus notes and orange peel, after this: vanilla, butterscotch, honeycomb and digestive biscuits.

Glen Scotia Double Wood £4.25

A perfect balance of rich spicy fruits, overlaid with the characteristic sea spray and vanilla oak finish for which Glen Scotia is famous for.

Hazelburn 10yo £7.25

Good, clean and traditional, triple-distilled and unpeated.

Springbank 10yo £4.75

The peat is present and quite pungent with an earthen routines. Notes of exotic fruit and a hint of fresh coastal salinity.

Springbank 15yo £10

A bewildering array of flavours: dark chocolate, figs, marzipan, brazil notes and vanilla.


Douglas Laing Chairman’s Choice Cameronbridge 17yo £48

Sweet and richly spiced , with fantastic notes of barley, golden syrup and molasses

Girvan Patent Still No.4 Apps £8.25

Candied citrus peels, icing sugar, vanilla and a hint of oak spice.

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